ESD Items

ESD products are electrostatically dissipative or conductive products that are used especially in the electronic industry for production or repair. They are antistatic, i.e. they themselves do not generate a static charge and can safely discharge existing electrostatic charges. Some components can be irreparably destroyed by contact with the fingers, because the body can absorb electrostatic charges of up to several 10,000 volts simply by friction with clothing. Without appropriate ESD protective equipment, working with modern electronics or in hazardous areas is inconceivable today.

METOSTAT ESD products - inexpensive and reliable antistatic products for use in electronics, hazardous areas and plastics technology.

In this product category you will find a large selection of antistatic products for a wide variety of applications:
ESD personal grounding - all about the electrostatic neutrality of persons - from wrist band to ESD workwear
ESD floor, table and shelf mats: antistatic, electrostatically neutral work surfaces for tables, floors, shelves and offices.
ESD tools: pliers, cutters, tweezers, brushes, soldering devices, magnifying lamps and other hand tools for EPA applications
ESD packaging: antistatic packaging bags, conductive films, ESD containers, dissipative cardboard boxes and much more
ESD room equipment: antistatic tables, chairs, shelves, transport trolleys, lamps.
ESD cleaning products: antistatic wipes, dust binding rolls, wet wipes
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